Not to be left behind by the competition, Genesis shares take on a sustainable future of luxury motoring. Instead of coming up with a brand-new design, they are taking elements from another concept from 2021. The X Speedium is a sporty revamp that drops the traditional engine for electric motors and batteries.

Hyundai’s luxury arm certainly knows how to pull off an impressive outline. The X Speedium touts a sleek yet muscular profile that tells onlookers to never underestimate its capabilities. The aerodynamic curves of this fastback coupe tell us it’s built to go really fast.

Genesis is yet to reveal details as to what emission-free specifications it plans to endow the EV with. However, the carmaker was more than willing to talk more about how the silhouette came to be. They say the concept embodies “athletic elegance” which is more progressive than ever.

The name appears to be taken from Speedium — a motor racing circuit in South Korea. Moreover, they’re calling the metallic emerald coat “Inje Green” which alludes to the county where the track is. Genesis will shift its lineup to fully electric powertrains by 2030. The X Speedium is a thrilling preview of what’s to come.

Two LED light strips run the full width of the X Speedium’s front end and extend all the way to where the door’s hinges are. A view from the top shows an “hourglass” figure courtesy of the flared fenders of its body. Another two LED strips line each corner of its rear. As of this writing, Genesis has very little to showcase about the concept, but we already like what see here.

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X Speedium Side X Speedium Rear

Images courtesy of Genesis