Turn biowaste into organic compost anytime and anywhere with the revolutionary GEME Electric Food Composter. It’s dubbed as the “world’s easiest food waste composter for home composting” for several reasons. One is that it uses biotechnology, which replicates the process of natural composting.

Using biotechnology means there is no grinding and dehydrating and no baking and cooking involved which could only result in charred compost that can be toxic to plants. You also don’t have to worry about the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio during composting.

Instead, the GEME relies purely on natural microbial decomposition via GEME-Kobold, a thermophilic bacteria that turns biowaste into 5% dry organic compost and 95% clean air. The GEME-Kobold goes into the machine first along with 800ml of water and you wait six hours to put bio-waste in. It can decompose anything including food scraps, fruits and vegetables, cheese, expired food, meat and small bones, bread, other grain products, and even pet excrement.

Once the scraps are in and the lid snapped back on, the decomposition process automatically starts. There is no button switching involved and it operates silently at 23db. It also automatically shuts off after the six-hour operation, after which you get safe and hygienic highly active fertilizer that not only improves soil but also purifies water. Opening the lid also stops the composting process.

The GEME Electric Food Composer has a 19L inner tub with a daily capacity of 2kg. It features automatic deodorization, so the bin and fertilizer are odor-free and has automatic dehumidification so you don’t have to clean the tub after every use.

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Images courtesy of GEME