The Gawthorne’s Hut, that suts just outside of Mudgee, NSW Australia, is not your typical rental home with its striking angled roof. It may be just 430 square feet but its modern offerings make up for its tiny space.

Designed by Cameron Anderson Architects, this tiny house is a modern vacation rental on a 480-acre family farm. It opts for an open floor plan to accommodate a host of quintessential living conveniences. These include a king-sized bed, a bathroom with a bathtub, and a living and dining area facing glazed windows. It also has a kitchenette, toilet, an outdoor and indoor fireplace, and a couple of storage spaces both inside and out.   

The Gawthorne’s Hut sits surrounded by expansive greenery that offers amazing views of the horizon and the mountains. There is also a small lake on the property. It is guaranteed off-grid ready with its slanted, galvanized metal roofing equipped with 6.6kw solar panels. The outdoor storage room hides solar batteries and inverter, an electrical board, and a gas water unit. It is also sustainable with 40,000 liters of rainwater storage and used concrete slab and brick for thermal mass. 

Meanwhile, the cabin used warm-toned Australian blackbutt wood for the ceiling, walls, and window frames for a beautiful contrast to the polished concrete floor.  A ceiling fan, and overhead and wall lights complete the modern aesthetic. The Gawthorne’s Hut sleeps two and provides East and South views thanks to its distinct hut form inspired by historic hay sheds and masonry dwellings found on the property. 

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Images courtesy of Cameron Anderson Architects (CAARCH)