As the automotive industry continues to see electrification extend to almost every platform, people start to wonder about classic models. We occasionally hear about shops that fabricate custom electric powertrains. Now, you can consider Gateway Bronco as one with their latest offering. This is the LUXE-GT Ford Bronco – a vintage truck packing eco-friendly features and more.

Tesla might be enjoying the attention with so many eagerly anticipating the arrival of its Cybertruck. Its geometric silhouette and futuristic functionalities are what sets it apart from the rest. Meanwhile, what Gateway Bronco pulls off retains the old-school charm, but introduces a series of modern upgrades.

For the LUXE-GT Ford Bronco, they’re taking a 1972 body and slapping it on an all-electric chassis. Running the show is a crate motor producing more than 400 horsepower with 800 lb-ft of torque. They’re sourcing it from Electric GT and mating that to a five-speed manual transmission.

This type of configuration is not often what you would find on an EV. Nevertheless, this is a play on nostalgia that would please even the most stubborn motoring purists. The LUXE-GT Ford Bronco can also sprint to 60 mph from a standstill in a little over four seconds.

The LUXE-GT Ford Bronco is no slouch when it comes to range either as a full charge is enough for up to 300 miles. To make sure that your zero-emission off-roader performs admirably, Gateway Bronco endows it with the necessary components.

Enjoy a smooth ride as the JRi suspension and its electric ride control bundle dynamically switches to whatever you need. The LUXE-GT Ford Bronco is likewise outfitted with 18” rims wrapped in 33” Toyo all-terrain rubber. Going green doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

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Images courtesy of Gateway Bronco