Apple may have been the undisputed king when it comes to smartwatches for years and it now seeks to conquer the outdoor segment as well. The Apple Watch Ultra is undeniably its most rugged yet, but it will be up against big names such as GARMIN. Not to be outdone, the Swiss-American company introduces a sought-after feature on the vívomove Trend.

A quick glance reveals that this is not your average smartwatch. GARMIN positions the wearable as a hybrid model. Despite the ubiquity of touch displays, the manufacturer caters to users who prefer a mix of analog and digital systems. However, there’s more to this device than just its fancy timekeeping capabilities.

Longtime users of the brand should be thrilled to finally get wireless charging. For the longest time, their wrist-based products rely on pogo pin connectors to juice up. Over the years, we’ve seen various tweaks which range from clips to magnets. Finally, the vívomove Trend incorporates Qi technology to do away with pesky cords.

The smartwatch sports a 40.4 mm x 11.9 mm fiber-reinforced polymer case. Next up is the stainless-steel bezel and chemically strengthened glass for reliable protection. The housing holds a 254 x 346-pixel LCD display for various functions and notifications. You can interact with the vívomove Trend via touch gestures.

Moreover, the hands automatically position horizontally to give you a better view. These return to their original positions after it does not detect any input from the user. GARMIN ships the vívomove Trend with its clip charger, but the smartwatch is compatible with most Qi-certified wireless charging pads.

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Images courtesy of GARMIN