In a matter of days, a few scientists and engineers from Hong Kong have exploded across the internet for their insanely successful Kickstarter project, GAMMA.

Their company, Wear Graphene, invented GAMMA, the first-ever all-climate jacket infused with supreme graphene. Graphene is a Nobel-Prize-winning nanoparticle known for being the hardest, thinnest, and most flexible material on Earth.

In just one week on Kickstarter, GAMMA has raked in over 300k from backers around the globe, making it the breakout success of the year on the platform.

What makes GAMMA so special?

There are three things that make this jacket stand out from any other: the power of supreme graphene, internal heating elements, and a sharp look.

We’ll break down what this jacket can do below. Or, you can go to the GAMMA Kickstarter campaign now to see the jacket in action and order yours over 40% off.

Graphene: The Future of Clothing (And a Lot More)

Graphene is a 21st-century material. It wasn’t discovered until 2004. Since then, those in the know have expected it to revolutionize most industries (once we figure out how to use it).

The strongest, thinnest, and most flexible material known to man, graphene has the power to give super abilities to all of our stuff, including:

And it brings ALL of this to GAMMA jacket. Wear Graphene is one of the first labs/brands to successfully infuse graphene into textiles. It has infused all of the fibers in GAMMA with Graphene, making it the first all-climate activewear.

GAMMA is practically indestructible. Graphene makes it immune to tears, rips, and fraying. It’s even puncture-proof and cannot be damaged by sharp knives.

This makes it perfect for taking on the toughest hikes and climbs. It will also protect you from scrapes and cuts despite its crazy light weight (it weighs about as much as a hoodie).

Because it’s waterproof, windproof, and UV-proof, GAMMA will keep you cool and protected from the elements no matter how harsh the weather. Unlike most windbreakers, GAMMA’s graphene won’t let any chill get through the barrier.

GAMMA’s all-climate comfort is rounded out by graphene’s ability to transfer heat evenly across its entire lattice structure. GAMMA’s high-performance insulation will keep you warmer from your torso to your fingertips. And in warm weather, it will expel excess heat to keep you cool. Graphene reacts to your body like a second skin for unparalleled insulation without puffiness or sweaty discomfort.

Graphene is moisture-wicking, so it will keep your skin dry even if you use it to jog or engage in intense activity. And because it’s also antimicrobial, it will never develop odors from sweat or bacteria. You can wear it for your morning run, come back home for a shower, and then wear the same jacket to work.

Graphene is so versatile that it makes GAMMA the only jacket you’ll need all year round, no matter where you live or travel. Whether you want to run to the store for some butter or trek to the peak of a mountain, GAMMA will keep you safe, insulated, and comfortable.

Internal Heating for Extreme Cold

Graphene is an incredible insulator. But, without a heat source, it can’t keep you warm. This is where the few other graphene clothes fall short. When the temperature gets cold enough, your body heat just isn’t enough.

That’s why GAMMA comes with built-in heating elements that generate extra heat when you need it. To use them, just put a power bank in one of the jacket pockets. Then, you can select the temperature of your jacket at the push of a button.

GAMMA’s three heating elements can heat up to 50˚C/120˚F in seconds. Then, graphene will get to work dispersing that heat evenly throughout the jacket.

With the heating elements on, GAMMA can keep you toasty even in sub-freezing temperatures. GAMMA can protect you from temperatures as cold as -30˚C/-20˚F, making it an ideal jacket for winter camping, skiing, and living in places that are prone to snowstorms.

And remember, you won’t have to bundle up. GAMMA can do all this despite weighing about one pound.

Style that Fits Any Occasion

One of the reasons that Wear Graphene’s GAMMA has become so popular is that it looks cool as hell. It’s got a sporty soft shell jacket look that makes you seem like you just came from the slopes or the trail. It’s also tapered to slim your waist while bulking you up the chest.

GAMMA isn’t just for sports, either. It’s meant to be the only jacket you need, and it looks great on nearly any occasion. You can use it as a slip-on jacket, a winter coat, a windbreaker, a rain jacket, and more. You can wear it to work and the bar too. Its jet-black color and sharp trim are professional and refined.

Style doesn’t mean much without function. GAMMA comes with 10 pockets, two of which are hidden to protect travel documents or cash when you’re on the go. It comes with straps to secure your hood, waist, and wrists in the case of extreme weather. And, it has built-in fingerless gloves to keep those palms protected and warm. How cool is that?

Add Graphene to Your Wardrobe with GAMMA

Whether you fancy yourself a fashion guru or like to wear the same thing every day, GAMMA is going to work for you.

We can pretty much guarantee that you have ZERO graphene clothing in your closet right now.

That must be rectified. This everlasting super material is just better for you. And, GAMMA makes you look better too.

You can wear GAMMA every day for every occasion without having to question yourself in front of the mirror. How easy is that? Or, break it out when it’s time to impress your hiking buddies or your tennis partner.

It lasts forever, so we’re sure you’ll figure out plenty of ways to use it.

The only mistake you could make is to NOT order one while it’s over 40% off. Place your pre-order now on Kickstarter before early-bird perks run out to ensure you’re one of the first to don supreme graphene and look great doing it.

Learn more about supreme graphene and get your GAMMA jacket now at