The sales of home fitness equipment have seen a surge since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. That’s because few have dared to hit the gym where one can hardly breathe through a face mask. The problem with most home exercise machines though is they can take up a lot of space. Not the G-Wall Home Fitness System, which as its name implies, utilizes spaces on your walls to free the floor for your routine. 

The team at G-Wall designed their home gym specifically so that it can be stored in cabinets, closets, and more and hidden from sight. It is a modular system that easily integrates into the home interiors owed to its compact design. It can be hanged on walls, mounted on ceilings, and more. The purpose is that it stays off the floor.

Being that it is modular, then users can choose which equipment serves them the most. They can also decide how they want their tools set up according to their personal space.  The G-Wall Home Fitness System offers a large number of exercise options and sports equipment, from cardiovascular equipment, to free weights, and gear for heavy training.  

For the cardio buff, then there’s the treadmills, elliptical bikes, and more. It also has aerobic exercise modules, dumbbells, and barbells, tools for strength training, and others powered for smart use. Best of all, users can choose the colors of the materials to go with their home’s interior design. The G-Wall Home Fitness System, the winner of the 2020 K-Design Award, definitely is one way to stay fit and healthy amid the pandemic. 

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Images courtesy of G-Wall