It’s amazing how constant updates, content drops, and support from developers can help a game remain popular since its original launch. Riot Games has successfully done so since 2009 and its hit franchise has exploded into other genres. Now, Casio is collaborating with them to give us the G-SHOCK x League of Legends collection with two SKUs.

The multiplayer online battle arena title has already spawned an RPG, collectible card game, auto battler, and a fighting game (currently in development). Furthermore, they’ve managed to release an animated series on Netflix, which also garnered praise for its story and animation. Finally, its legion of fans can choose between the GM-B2100LL-1A and GA-110LL-1A.

We know some of you won’t hesitate to grab both models in the G-SHOCK x League of Legends collection. In fact, these limited-edition tie-ins would make awesome additions to any gamer’s fashion arsenal. Let’s start with the more understated of the bunch – the GM-B2100LL-1A. This digital-analog timekeeping instrument measures 49.8 mm × 44.4 mm × 12.8 mm.

It flaunts a stainless-steel case construction mainly in black with elements in gold. Its design is meant to channel the magical Hextech that the people of Runterra use for various applications. Casio achieves a weathered look by ion-plating some sections in gold and black. These then undergo gradual removal to give it a distinct appearance.

This is followed by a timepiece tribute to everybody’s favorite crazy gal Jinx. Given her preferred hues in the game and other media, the GA-110LL-1A opts for a mishmash of dark and vibrant colors. It’s chunkier at 55 mm × 51.2 mm × 16.9 mm with a housing and strap crafted out of resin. A cool little nod to her Super Megadeth rocket appears at sub-dial at 9 o’clock.

The G-SHOCK x League of Legends GM-B2100LL-1A and GA-110LL-1A both ship with special packaging and boxes. Which of these two is more appealing to you? In our case, we would gladly splurge for one of each so we can swap them every now and then to keep our style fresh.

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Images courtesy of Casio/G-SHOCK