Although some smartwatches claim to be built tough and boast impressive battery life, adventurers are better off with something more traditional. When it’s your survival on the line, it’s best not to take chances with a device that needs to hook up to a power outlet every few days or so. Instead, why not slap on a reliable alternative like the Master Of G – Land Rangeman GPRH1000-9?

Casio’s G-SHOCK has never strayed from the winning formula. Every reference in their expansive catalog is engineered to withstand the most grueling environments. The Master Of G – Land Rangeman GPRH1000-9 is no different as its specifications reveal what it was made for.

Thus, outdoor enthusiasts might as well leave their wearables at home and take this bad boy on their wilderness escapades. Measuring 60.6 mm x 53.2 mm x 20.3 mm, its chunky case, bezel, and band are crafted out of bio-based resin in a vibrant yellow hue.

Metal components are likewise incorporated for added protection against impacts. “The buttons are protected by cylindrical stainless-steel parts, and the button shafts are equipped with gasket fittings to prevent contamination with mud and dust,” notes G-SHOCK,

Just like a modern smartwatch, it uses Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone. The Master Of G – Land Rangeman GPRH1000-9 is packing an array of sensors to monitor temperature, altitude, heart rate, and location. It can charge via pogo-pin connectors located on the case back or via solar power.

Instead of a full-color display, the Master Of G – Land Rangeman GPRH1000-9 uses a high-contrast memory-in-pixel LCD. The technology is not a battery hog and is easier to read outdoors. LED backlighting is likewise supported for readability in the dark. 

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Images courtesy of Casio/G-SHOCK