Full Windsor is back with another versatile product guaranteed to make dining out, whether during camping or at a picnic, sanitary and sustainable. Forget disposable single-use plastic bowls and plates when you have the Magware 2.0.

The set features the brand’s patent-pending magnetic attachment that made its debut in 2019, with the Red Dot award-winning Magware Magnetic Cutlery. These magnets allow the bowls and plates to stick together in a neat and organized manner for easy packing during travel. They also do not rattle or topple over when you’re on the road.

The magnets in the Magware 2.0 are found on the side of both bowls and plates to keep them away from unhygienic surfaces. These magnetic tabs also offer a safe handle when carrying hot foods. Not to mention, these dishes do not break as they are made from polished 304 food-grade 18-8 stainless steel, also making them ultra-tough and corrosion-resistant.

When it comes to transport, they store inside a dedicated bag made from recycled polyester with an easy clean waterproof lining and detachable shoulder strap. The bag also has a zip pocket on top for storing equipment for washing such as a sponge, detergent, and rubber gloves.

Full Windsor designed the Magware 2.0 set for versatile use as they are dishwasher safe. But they are ideal for van life, camping, backyard dining, picnics, backpacking, or boating. Those who love takeouts and the working individual who eats in the office can benefit from it too.

Best of all, the magnets on the Magware 2.0 set work with the Magware Magnetic Cutlery. They attach to the sides of the bowls and plates enabling you to carry the cutlery with ease when you do not have any spare hands free. They also keep the fork, spoon, and knife within easy reach and away from dirty surfaces.

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Images courtesy of Full Windsor