Adapting to the needs of the modern commuter means constantly innovating as new technology comes out. After giving us the Fllow e-motorcycle and Fluid-1S Prime e-bike, FUELL is introducing the Flluid-2S and Flluid-3S. Both promise remarkable range to outpace every other electric bicycle out there. So, which of these two is ideal for your needs?

At a glance, the most obvious difference between the Flluid-2S and Flluid-3S is the frame design. The former is your standard bike configuration with a top tube, while the latter goes for a step-through layout. The chassis is fabricated out of aluminum alloy and is outfitted with a 120 mm-travel Suntour XCR34 front suspension.

FUELL equips the e-bikes with wire wheels shod in 27.5” Pirelli Cycl-E tires. Meanwhile, Tektro HD E-350 180 mm disc brakes on both ends. A handlebar-mounted 2.3” display provides telemetry data such as speed, distance, battery status, assistance level, gear, and more. Also, Roxim Z4E Pro lights illuminate the way and are rated at 900 lumens.

Your Flluid-2S is powered by two removable batteries that combine for a total of 51.8V 2,000 Wh. The Flluid-3S, on the other hand, relies on a single 51.8V 1,000 Wh unit. Their varying capacities indicate each e-bike can ride as far as 225 miles and 110 miles respectively before it needs a recharge.

Top speed is limited to 28 mph, so owners are not required to secure a license to drive these around town. The Flluid-2S and Flluid-3S use a 750W mid-drive VALEO Cyclee motor good for up to 96 lb-ft of torque. Finally, its Gates Carbon Drive is virtually maintenance-free.

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Images courtesy of FUELL