Freewrite is the latest company to give its product a transparent treatment. The model in question is the Traveler Ghost Edition and never expected it to look this good. Technically, this is just a simple shell swap, but the effect it brings to the table evokes nostalgia among folks who owned similarly styled items back in the day.

The use of see-through plastics is by no means groundbreaking. However, most companies that deal in consumer electronics know transparent versions of their popular hardware tend to rake in just as many sales as special edition colorways. Meanwhile, brands like Nothing turn it into their signature theme. Now, it’s Freewrite’s turn to hog the spotlight.

To those wondering what the Traveler Ghost Edition is all about, we’re looking at something niche. Professionals and hobbyists who are easily distracted will benefit from the limited internet connectivity. Basically, it’s a contemporary spin on a traditional typewriter albeit a means to produce a hard copy.

Think of it as a distraction-free platform for writers who want to pump out pages of work instead of stuff that just wastes time. This transparent clamshell device touts a full-sized keyboard and an E Ink display to keep you focused on the task at hand. Although it supports Wi-Fi, it’s limited to OTA updates and cloud syncing functions only.

“From Dave Grohl’s see-through guitar to your Nintendo controller, we humans have always been fascinated by the inner workings of the tools that help us live our lives. That’s why we made Ghost, states Freewrite. A single charge should last up to four weeks given the Traveler Ghost Edition is used about half an hour a day. Nevertheless, a lengthy writing session should still leave you with enough juice for several days.

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Images courtesy of Freewrite