Advancements in robotics allow for the automation of almost any task. As many feared and still do, it’s just a matter of time before machines take over. Aside from that grim scenario, the upside is we get to enjoy life’s little pleasures with a beverage appliance called the FrazyBot. Not only does it prepare drinks, but it should help you save money in the long run.

Most types of beverages are pretty simple to make at home as long as you have the ingredients and recipes. Moreover, most who do so enjoy the process and claim that whatever they make tastes better than the store-bought kind. Then there’s the rest who choose convenience above anything else and would rather order instead.

The FrazyBot is “the world’s first robotic beverage machine that makes fresh, customized specialty drinks such as coffee, cocktails, tea, boba and more at home with only the push of a button.” What’s cool about it is the modular system which allows owners to swap out attachments when needed.

This robotic countertop barista or bartender features a base unit outfitted with a water reservoir and touch panel. Frazy did not disclose the exact dimensions, but it supposedly touts a compact physical footprint. Depending on what you crave, hook up the appropriate module, and its respective ingredient dispenser, and just push a button.

To ensure full compatibility with the machine and control the overall quality of the beverage, owners order their kits directly from the Frazy website. They can then choose from a huge selection of items to fully customize their desired drink at home. It sounds fascinating enough, but it remains to be seen if the FrazyBot can perform as advertised.

The manufacturer plans to officially debut their product at the CES 2024. “In-home devices have long promised to deliver cafe and bar quality in a simple way, but nothing has come close — until now,” stated the startup’s CEO Balaji Krishnan. The FrazyBot at the expo floor will reportedly prepare three types of drinks.

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Images courtesy of Frazy