A large number of tech products that come out each year is overwhelming. Sometimes, this gets to a point wherein it becomes difficult to pick out an item that relies entirely on its look and design. Nevertheless, a humble tribute to a German automaker’s flagship model managed to take us by surprise and we are now strangely smitten by it.

We are talking about the Formawerx Ignition 911 key. You will immediately notice that it’s a minimalist piece of art with all the right curves and finish. The company’s team of automobile enthusiasts dedicated their skills to create an elegant tribute to the vehicle that is considered an icon of luxury and performance-the Porsche 911.

Similar to the monocoque fabrication of the frame in most modern racing cars, the key is precision-machined from a solid block of 303-grade stainless steel. We observed that the effort and process needed to work with the material demonstrates their passion for perfection. The six holes that were made on the bow were intended for two purposes: as a historical homage to the weight reduction process and the flat 6 engine used by Porsche’s race cars. Lastly, the subtle curves are meant to represent the 911’s dash.

You can choose from a selection of three colors, Stainless, Gold, and Gunmetal. Prices range from $250 to $300 with an engraving option for an additional $50. We hope that Formawerx will eventually expand their lineup to include models from other manufacturers as well.

Formawerx Ignition 911

Photos courtesy of Formawerx