Automotive industry insiders have been speculating about the Cybertruck’s release for some time now. It looks like Tesla might ship the single-motor trim a little earlier than anticipated. Meanwhile, the dual-motor version should follow soon thereafter. As such, soon-to-be-owners of the electric pickup truck who want to shop for overlanding gear should check out the FORM camper.

Although its sleek and sharp outline would pair perfectly with the angular Tesla Cybertruck, it works with others as well. FORM states the camper is compatible with the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, and more. Bed sizes ranging from 5.8 feet to 8 feet should be enough to hold the structure.

Dry weight is pegged at 1,000 lbs and it also produces very minimal drag thanks to its aerodynamic exterior. The manufacturer points out that the structure is built out of an aluminum honeycomb panel sandwiched between a carbon fiber shell.

Even the aesthetics look cool courtesy of the distinct weave pattern of the surfaces. After reaching your destination, deploying the FORM camper is straightforward. Once the support struts come down, owners can even detach their pickup trucks if they need to travel elsewhere to haul other cargo.

Inside, you can find a full-size bed atop the elevated area. The ground-level section is versatile and can function as a living space, bathroom, and indoor kitchen. Moreover, the intuitive slide-out system allows you to prepare meals and cook outdoors instead.

No worries about the weather as two fold-out awnings are available on each side. The solar array on the pop-up roof provides 400 watts of off-grid power. The FORM camper stores 50 gallons of water, but the reverse osmosis filtration system effectively turns that into 100 gallons. 

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Images courtesy of FORM