No matter how we want it to be all okay, we can’t turn out back to what’s happening to our planet. Our worst fears are already here as climate change is devastating the world. All living things are affected, and it will only get worse if humanity does not put a stop what’s causing it. Therefore, several industries are implementing new ways to lessen environmental impact. Each segment is exploring new ways to reduce emissions, while others are finding new methods for sustainability. This time, we’re highlighting Reebok and its Forever Floatride GROW.

Plastic is one of the biggest contributors to landfills and marine pollution as these are generally non-recyclable. Reebok, along with other sports apparel brands such as Adidas, Converse, and Nike are showcasing a lineup of footwear that are practically renewable. Through innovative recycling methods, these manufacturers are putting waste plastic to good use. Meanwhile, there is another way to avoid adding to the waste dilemma. That’s where the Forever Floatride GROW comes in.

According to Rebook, its new model is a 100% sustainable product. It’s not releasing anytime soon, but it is something we are eager to have on our feet. The brand is not the only one to make the claim. Native Shoes previously gave us the Plant Shoe, which as the name suggest is as eco-friendly as it gets. The materials it uses are all sourced from various flora. Meanwhile, the Forever Floatride GROW is using a mix of algae, natural rubber, castor beans, and eucalyptus. We are seriously hoping that more companies adopt a similar approach.

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Images courtesy of Reebok