As much as we wanted to enjoy summer, the heat was extremely unbearable. We know some of you like to hit the trails for hiking, camping, and other activities, but the soaring temperatures were probably discouraging. Thankfully, the upcoming seasonal changes should make it conducive for outdoor fun. Let Ford’s 2024 Transit Custom Nugget take you wherever you need to be.

We all need a break every now and then, which is why some folks prefer to reconnect with nature during their time off. A change of scenery away from the buzz of the urban jungle can be therapeutic. Instead of roughing it out, the modern adventurer is now seeking some measure of comfort. This is where RVs come into play.

The 2024 Transit Custom Nugget is not Ford’s first foray into campervans. However, it is the first of its kind to promote an eco-friendly alternative for those who are concerned about the environmental impact of traditional powertrains. According to press materials, the initial units to leave the assembly line are outfitted with a “tilt roof and 170 PS EcoBlue engine with eight-speed automatic transmission.”

Shortly thereafter, a plug-in hybrid variant will follow, and feature technology sourced from Ford’s Kuga PHEV. This trim relies on a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle petrol mill and an 11.8 kWh battery to run its electric motor for a total output of 232 PS. Owners can also switch their 2024 Transit Custom Nugget to run exclusively on its batteries.

Furthermore, the upgraded chassis and all-wheel-drive configurations unlock more areas for the camper van to access more camping spots. Westfalia is working closely with Ford for this new model. It comes with heated rotating captain’s chairs for those up front, a three-seat rear bench with optional heating, and more. The 2024 Transit Custom Nugget’s new interior layout provides ample storage space and allows for more customizations.

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Images courtesy of Ford