You can always count on American carmakers to craft some of the best utility vehicles in the market. We likewise understand that certain Japanese brands are capable of doing the same. What matters the most is that consumers get a machine that can meet their expectations. One of the most reliable automotive companies out there right now is the one sporting the Blue Oval emblem. As such, it’s flexing its muscles with the Ford Super Duty Tremor Edition pickup trucks.

This appears to be a bold move for the company to attract a certain demographic with a love for outdoor expeditions. According to reports, the Tremor Edition trims will be available for two models under its 2020 F-series lineup. To be specific, these are the F-350 and the F-250, which are already capable monsters by default. Nevertheless, you won’t hear us complaining when it comes to upgrades and performance tweaks along the way.

So let’s break it down. The time the Tremor badge made its way onto a truck was back in 2014. This was an older-generation F-150 with a sportier upgrade for both its interior and exterior. Meanwhile, the latest Ford Super Duty Tremor Edition focuses on the off-road capabilities of the pickup truck. Hence, we’re looking at making adjustments to the ride height by at least two inches. This gives it an impressive ground clearance of 10.8 inches. Moreover, this allows your ride to trudge over water up to 33 inches deep. Keeping all of its new powers in check is the brand’s latest adaptive cruise-control tech.

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Images courtesy of Ford