As they say, all good things must come to an end. The proverb may not be what we want to hear, but it’s unfortunately the way things go. This came to mind because Ford confirms that it will end the production of its iconic mid-engine two-seater supercar. As a fitting send-off, they’re building the GT LM Edition.

It may not be what fans want, but it hopefully paves the way for something exciting in the future. For now, we get to admire the sheer elegance and performance this exclusive version brings to the table. At the heart of this tribute is a 660-horsepower twin-turbo EcoBoost engine.

Distinct elements Ford adds to the GT LM Edition are 3D-printed titanium dual-exhausts with a cyclonic design within. Meanwhile, the carbon fiber body flaunts a dazzling coat of Liquid Silver. Other striking visual elements to the sleek silhouette are for the lower aerodynamic kits.

Clients can choose to tint these in red or blue tint to contrast the rest of the body. This applies to the mirror stalks, side sills, front splitter, rear diffuser, and engine bay louvres. The Ford GT LM Edition also flaunts the shades on its 20” carbon fiber rims with black Brembo brake calipers behind the spokes.

Meanwhile, the cockpit features Alcantara upholstery in red or blue for the driver’s seat and Ebony for the passengers. Finally, the crankshaft of the Number 69 GT race car is fabricated into a bespoke plaque that adorns the interior.

Mark Rushbrook, global director of Ford Performance Motorsports notes, “as we close this chapter of the road-going Ford GT, the GT LM Edition gave us a chance to inject even more heart and soul from a podium-finishing racecar, furthering the tribute to our 2016 Le Mans win.”

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Images courtesy of Ford