These days, true wireless earbuds are the most ubiquitous audio products out there. Characteristics that make them a huge hit include portability, intuitive controls, and wireless freedom. Most of these also pack sound enhancement technology which attempts to match the output of headphones. However, you might as well invest in a premium pair of cans like the Utopia from Focal.

The French audio company introduces a range of upgrades to the 2022 version that fans of the original will find interesting. If this is the first time you’ve heard of the model, take note these have an open-back construction. Unlike the typical sealed offerings, these types remain comfortable even after long listening sessions.

Its Utopia boasts elegant craftsmanship as the manufacturer uses premium materials for its construction. The headband features padded genuine leather, which also shows on the perforated memory foam ear pads. The yoke is made out of recycled forged carbon fiber with honeycomb grilles on both sides of the earcups.

Black chrome rings frame the Focal emblem with a two-tone mesh in black and red. The headphones are outfitted with “full-range speaker drivers with a pure Beryllium ‘M’-shaped dome.” Keep in mind this setup also has a huge caveat. Since the rear sections of the earcups are open, it’s not advisable to use them when there is a lot of background noise.

This means you need to avoid public places in order to fully enjoy the acoustic nuances of your tunes. Therefore, Focal recommends we bust this out at home or in private spaces since audio also leaks out. The Utopia headphones ship with a black faux leather case, two cables, a jack adapter, and a hard shell carrying case in black fabric.

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Images courtesy of Focal