With the exception of hardcore audiophiles, have you tried shopping for high-fidelity headphones? Although casual listeners are typically content with entry-level models, many reportedly discovered acoustic nirvana when they dropped their existing pair of cans for a more premium option. If you want to personally experience the difference, check out two of Focal’s new entries: Hadenys and Azurys.

The French company has been supplying the market with top-notch audio equipment since 1979. Therefore, we can safely say these folks know exactly what discerning ears want to hear. Aesthetically, the duo are practically similar except for the colorways. However, each is engineered to deliver sound differently from the other.

As indicated by Focal, the Hadenys is designed as an open-back SKU for use at home. It’s ideal for users who like to sit back and enjoy their tunes in the most accurate way possible. Equipped with 40 mm aluminum/magnesium “M” dome drivers, its output is described as “warm and dynamic.” 

To minimize fatigue from extended listening sessions, the yoke is crafted out of lightweight magnesium. Meanwhile, the surfaces that come in contact with your head are lined with memory foam cushions to enhance comfort. Don’t be surprised if sound leaks out of the earcups because this is not a manufacturing flaw.

If you prefer to tune out your surroundings while out and about, Focal recommends the Azurys. With the enclosed construction of its earcups, whatever is on playback is exclusively for your ears. Similar to the Hadenys, it’s ergonomic enough to wear all day. 

Both the Hadenys and Azurys are outfitted with genuine leather and breathable braided textiles. Just like any pair of high-fidelity headphones, it takes hours to completely optimize the performance of its loudspeakers. To be honest, we were also not aware of this process back then.

As such, Focal recommends a 24-hour break-in session wherein you set the volume to high and play tracks with low frequencies. Choosing between the two is difficult, so grabbing one of each is the perfect solution. Keep the Hadenys at home and bring the Azurys when you head out.

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Images courtesy of Focal