Ask any audiophile about what type of headphones deliver the best listening experience and they’ll tell you to go wired. Focal is one such brand that specializes in high-fidelity playback with a broad range of products that cater to every user’s needs. Hence, it introduces a premium pair of Bluetooth headphones it calls the Bathys.

Before audio snobs call Focal out for its decision to use a lossy wireless standard, it merely targets a specific market. Bluetooth headphones are ideal for people who prefer a tangle-free user experience when they’re out and about. 

Especially now that international travel is back in full swing, some folks may want an over-ear pair of cans. Inside each earcup is Focal’s patented “aluminium/magnesium “M”-dome speaker drivers.” With expert tuning from its team of engineers, we get to enjoy “high-fidelity, transparent and dynamic sound reproduction.”

It’s compatible with SBC, AAC, Apt-X, and Apt-X Adaptive codecs. Easily switch between Bluetooth 5.1, USB, or the 3.5 mm jack for that extra versatility. The Bathys also supplies another feature some of you prefer to have which is active noise canceling.

It’s a function ideal when there’s a lot of background noise such as inside a commercial airliner or tour bus. There are two ANC modes available. Silent offers the most immersive, while the Soft setting allows some ambient sounds to filter through. The Bathys boasts more than 30 hours of playback on Bluetooth with active noise canceling.

Meanwhile, fast charging technology gives you five hours on a 15-minute charge. As with any Focal headphones, its construction uses leather, magnesium, aluminum, and other premium materials. The Bathys ships with all accessories you need and includes a rigid carrying case for transport.

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Images courtesy of Focal