One of the hallmarks of civilization is the ability to keep and tell time. Measuring the flow of linear time is an art unto itself and now it has influenced a work of art. Swedish design company Flyte has created STORY – The Levitating Timepiece ($400) to be unique in that the time indicator is a chrome ball levitating over the face of the clock and traveling through the air around the dial.

The base comes in either Walnut or Ash and is 10 1/2″ in diameter and 1.7″ tall. The 16mm chrome ball levitates above the face whether you display the STORY flat on a desk or vertical on a wall. It also has a 60 degree setting as an extra display option and weighs just under four and a half pounds.

By hooking the STORY to your phone via its app, you can set the timepiece to count down whatever time increment you want, be it the day, a week, or even a year for the ball to travel around the dial. There is a luminous readout under the face that can display the precise time digitally. The STORY can display the phases of the moon, illuminate the sunrise & sunset times, as well as using a color guide to show the temperature. What more could one ask of a flying clock?