Food always brings family and friends together whether it be during birthday celebrations, parties, holidays, or other memorable gatherings. Especially amid this COVID-19 pandemic, people turn to homecooked meals for their own safety. When it comes to food, a delicious bowl of soup is always a go-to meal for colds, and Fly By Jing’s Hot Pot Starter Set may just be the answer.

You don’t have to go to your neighborhood’s nearest Asian restaurant to enjoy a steaming bowl of hot pot. This trendy kitchen device makes it convenient to cook up some in the comforts and safety of your home. The set includes an attractive electric tabletop hot pot where you can mix in all your vegetables, meat, seasoning, and other ingredients.

The plug-and-use pot in Fly By Jing’s Hot Pot Starter Set features a matte-touch exterior with a stainless steel cooking vessel and heating plate. It has a flexible temperature control dial and an easy-read power indicator light. The pot also comes with a glass lid and heat-safe handles so you don’t have to worry about potholders. It can hold 2.5 liters of liquid and can feed six people.

Moreover, there are two sets of silver chopsticks emblazoned with the brand’s signature lightning bolt logo. Conveniently, two ladle slots designed to interlock with the pot’s edge make it easy to scoop out the food. You don’t have to fish your spoons or ladle out of steaming hot concoction. 

Lastly, Fly By Jing’s Hot Pot Starter Set gives you two packs of their hot pot soup base made with Sichuan pepper and all-natural spices including ginger, star anise, cardamom, allspice, and clove, to name a few. Just add water and your favored meat to enjoy a hot meal straight off your dining table.

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Images courtesy Fly By Jing