Traveling to foreign countries is a fun and memorable experience but the language barrier can make important communication a problem. Thankfully, the genius minds over at Timekettle have developed a handheld device that translates almost any language in real-time called the Fluentalk T1 Mini. 

Designed like a smartphone, this device has a touchscreen, camera, speakers, and microphone. The built-in AI helps in the translation via a push of a button whether you’re trying to translate imagery or audio. This is your personal translator capable of transcribing as many as 36 languages across 88 different accents, both ways, and 13 of those languages have offline support.

A single press of a button allows the Fluentalk T1 Mini to record dialogues, transcribe them, and translate them into your preferred language. You can respond in your native language and the device actively converts your response into text and speech. If you’re struggling to understand written foreign languages, then take a photo with the 5MP camera and the device translated them so you can read foreign scripts without having to learn the language.

This handy translator is designed to go with you on your travels so it comes in a compact size like a credit card with a 2.8″ screen. It weighs just 3 oz. and runs on a 1500mAh battery that charges via USB-C with seven days of use under one full charge. It also works fast with a mere 0.5-second lag time sans the need to download an app. It offers 95% translation accuracy and with ENC noise cancellation dual microphones, you can be certain of accurate pickups when used in a noisy setting like a cafe, airport, or restaurant. Of course, you need to hook up to a WiFi connection to use this device or sign up for global data with Fluentalk.

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Images courtesy of Fluentalk Store