A Volkswagen isn’t really ideal when it comes to tiny house living or camper vans. But German-based Flowcamper turned the modest Volkswagen T6.1 into a comfortable tiny house and outfitted it with all the home essentials you need for the outdoors with the Flowcamper Casper.

Those who prefer small motorhomes with enough off-road capacity can benefit from this spruced-up vehicle. It comes with an all-wheel-drive and a variety of engines of your choice. It has an abundance of Nordic spruce for the interior to transform it into a modest camper van.

The Flowcamper Casper comes outfitted with an L-shape kitchen that offers plenty of storage. It even has a 30-liter refrigerator, a sink with pressurized water, and a stove. The water system in the kitchen conveniently also makes up your outdoor shower. Now when it comes to sleeping or sitting areas, Flowcamper retained two of the rear seats with seatbelts to create a four-passenger seat. Those two seats also fold out to accommodate a large twin bed.

If you need more space, a ladder directs you to the pop-top roof where you can turn it into an extra sleeping space or lounging area. Flowcamper also offers the option of adding a rooftop tent. Meanwhile, the rear end of the Volkswagen is kept open for more storage or as a mini garage for all your outdoor gear.

The Flowcamper Casper is fully customizable. You can add electricity using solar panels or batteries and upgrade the chassis for more fun adventures.

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Images courtesy of Flowcamper