Don’t you ever experience those days when driving around in your car just feels so fun? The destination doesn’t matter anymore and it’s almost Zen-like in a way that it feels like man and machine are one. Wouldn’t it be cool if all automobiles are amphibious? That seems a little far-fetched for now, but Floating Motors doesn’t think so.

While everyone else dreams about flight, we’re just thrilled to see vehicles travel over water. Maybe it’s all the sci-fi and spy movies talking here, but Floating Motors says otherwise. The company is catering to a niche that does not have any competition right now.  

With a growing lineup of automotive-inspired watercraft, they are onto something unique and exciting. Moreover, the manufacturer is willing to build clients a bespoke machine for the right price. Just let them know what make and model you love, and their designers and engineers will handle the rest.

For starters, buyers can choose between a catamaran or hydrofoil configuration. Furthermore, Floating Motors says it can customize the hulls for specific needs. In fact, they can even equip your ride with a suspension system. We’re not sure how this affects handling, but it’s cool nonetheless.

Hence, these can serve as a leisure craft, a water shuttle, a private water taxi, and more. So far, their lineup of production-ready models all resembles iconic old-school cars. For sustainability, Floating Motors offers full-electric propulsion platforms.

So far, there are five options currently available, with the rest to follow in the future. We spot homages to Mini, Aston Martin, Volkswagen, and others ready to order. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Floating Motors and enjoy driving over open water.

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Images courtesy of Floating Motors