Studies show that sitting down for long periods of time can lead to health complications down the line. As such, we need to remind ourselves to take breaks and stand up to stretch every now and then. On the other hand, standing desks are gradually becoming mainstream in offices and homes. The Q8 is an excellent option if you need one.

FlexiSpot has been gracious enough to send over some samples before. Now, we have the privilege of trying out their latest model. Based on our experience so far, it has all the signature features we’ve come to expect from their standing desks and more. The manufacturer even offers several optional accessories to promote productivity and fitness.

The Q8 is available in two frame colors: White and Black. The design is modern and sleek with its rounded corners and oval support columns. It ships out in a compact box and requires some assembly, but it’s practically effortless with just three steps. It comes with a durable bamboo top which is durable and stylish.

A drawer makes it easy to store your office supplies, gadgets, and other accessories. It sits flush with the rest of the chassis to give your Q8 a seamless aesthetic. To the right is the touch control panel to adjust the height of the table. Its dual-motor lifting mechanism boasts a 220 lbs load capacity and an anti-collision sensor.

Meanwhile, to the rear of its drawer is a cable management tray. This is a nifty section to help you organize the cables of the devices on top of your Q8. Aside from the USB-A and USB-C charging port, an integrated wireless charger close to the rightmost edge supports up to 10W of cable-free charging.

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Images courtesy of FlexiSpot