Just like EVs, electric motorcycles are now dropping in various configurations and types. While we are yet to see more from the superbike scene, trail-ready options are more abundant than ever. Case in point, Flux Performance unveils its first production model – the Primo. The first time you see its rugged outline, it’s clear this two-wheeler is ready to rock and roll.

A cool thing about this electric moto is the number of trims available for it. Slovenia-based Flux Performance says you can get it in an off-road, supermoto, and dual-sport configuration. Not bad for a startup! Also, these options ensure there’s something for everybody and we all like that.

The key component of any electric powertrain is the battery. The Primo touts a 6.7 kWh swappable unit, which the manufacturer says you can take out and replace in “under a minute.” Furthermore, At only 75 lbs, the energy-dense 400V system is engineered to be completely waterproof and meet aerospace standards.

Moreover, the cells within are thermally optimized to guarantee exceptional performance. An electronic battery safety system constantly monitors temperature and voltage. Concurrently, it supplies the requirements of the single-speed, liquid-cooled, high-RPM electric motor with a two-stage transmission.

The Primo’s peak electric power is 85 horsepower and a staggering 553 lb-ft of torque. Flux Performance endows the electric motorcycle with an aluminum frame based on Vent Moto’s platform. Meanwhile, the front shows a KYB fork, while the rear sports a custom swingarm with an Öhlins TTX Monoshock.

To keep the experience as close to a traditional motorcycle, Flux Performance equips it with a virtual clutch system. This mimics the action and function of its mechanical counterpart. Finally, the Primo also comes with active regenerative braking and a reverse button.

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Images courtesy of Flux Performance