At just three inches long, FIX MFG’s Beer Bike Keychain certainly skews on the smaller side of the Everyday Carry spectrum. But make no mistake — this delivers a lot of functionality despite its size.

With 4mm and 5mm hex tools, a flathead screwdriver, and bottle opener, this could come in handy for any person venturing the outdoors, but most especially cyclists. But even if you’re in public commute, it wouldn’t hurt to bring one alone. If you’re on a backcountry expedition, meanwhile, this is all the more a must-have.

Beyond the tools, there’s a ergonomic leather loop where the multitude of tools are stored. Not only does this look sleek, it also ensures that you don’t accidentally stab yourself while it’s in your pocket. The tools are made of steel alloy, and they’re perfect for quick tune-ups when you’re going around town and your bike hiccups. If you need a cold one, pop open one using the Beer Bike Keychain’s built-in bottle opener.

Although this was made for the city commuter, it’s still a robust and multi-functional EDC to have on hand. With tough steel construction and genuine leather designed to take a beating for years, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. And it’s an absolute steal at $15. Only available in brown, though, which is a bummer.

This isn’t a holy grail-level EDC, surely. But it’s a great starter kit for those just beginning to enter this world of hand-carry tools. Hit the link below to find out more.