World-renowned automotive designer Henrik Fisker has just announced the final design and specifications for his innovative new Fisker EMotion Electric Vehicle ($129,900). This radically enhanced car will easily fit into the luxury sport sedan category. From the large curved front windscreen encroaching on the low bonnet to the integrated spoiler and diffuser in the rear, this aerodynamically sculpted carbon fiber and aluminum machine is built for speed.

The newly developed and proprietary Fisker Nanotech graphine battery technology is stated as being capable of pushing the Fisker EMotion up to 161 mph (259 km/h) and give it a range of 400 miles (644 km) – greater than any other electric car available. The vehicle’s proprietary UltraCharger technology gives you enough juice for over 100 miles in nine minutes. What? Tesla you hear that?

Inside, the cabin is pushed forward and the wheelbase extended for very short overhangs that allow more leg room than many full-sized luxury sedans. The Fisker EMotion is slated for production in an existing United States automotive facility and will be taking pre-orders by the end of June for a 2019 release.