The last we heard of Fisker Automotive was in 2020 when it previewed an expedition-ready version of the Ocean. The SUV was adorned with heavy-duty upgrades to help it tackle the unforgiving terrain of the great outdoors. With deliveries already underway, the company follows up with another exciting announcement. The Ronin is another flagship model with impressive features in tow.

These developments are certainly exciting for proponents of emission-free platforms. Moreover, it instills confidence that the American marque has solid plans for its future lineup. Currently, production of the Ocean is yet to hit full swing, but the upcoming reveal of the five-seat grand tourer opens more options for potential buyers.

According to reports, the official unveiling has been slated for early August. In fact, Fisker Automotive head honcho Henrik Fisker claims the Ronin will be “the ultimate long-distance grand touring car.” There have been several EVs which boasted about their impressive mileage. For example, the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range promises 520 miles on a full charge.

The Ronin, on the other hand, is purportedly packing enough juice for more than 600 miles. Moreover, its capabilities will closely match that of traditional supercars. However, the company admits that there are still some challenges that they need to overcome to ensure safety is never compromised.

As it stands right now, the EV should be in an advantageous position if real-world testing supports the numbers Fisker Automotive advertises. What we do know as of this writing is the Ronin’s lightweight construction, active aerodynamics, cutting-edge battery system, and triple-motor configuration. Their target is a 0-60 mph sprint in less than two seconds with a range of 660 miles.

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Images courtesy of Fisker Automotive