Tesla’s biggest competitor has just filed a patent for a revolutionary 500 Mile Range, 1-Minute Charging Battery!

Developed by American automaker Fisker, this new power storage technology uses a solid-state electrode structure offering 2.5 x the energy density of any lithium-ion batteries currently in use by EV’s. The said three-dimensional electrodes also allow for improved conductivity below the shell, resulting in a battery that functions better in cold weather and charges faster. Way faster, considering Tesla’s Supercharger takes at least 30 minutes to give you about 200 miles of range. If these bold statements turn out to be true, we can say we’ve finally found a real replacement for combustion engines.

The disrupting technology is claimed to be ready for production by the year 2023 and it will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2018, where Fisker will also show off their EMotion electric car.

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