Another sea-inspired everyday carry from True Utility, aside from their shark-designed tool, the FishFace Multi-Tool boasts 18 usable gears that work with any quick indoor and outdoor fixes.

No larger than the other keys on your keyring, this multi-tool may be small and compact but it packs useful tools you never know you may need. It has three Phillips screwdrivers, three flat screwdrivers, four wrenches, and one 1/4″ hex drive. It even has a bottle opener, nail cleaner, bicycle spoke spanner, a flight safe cutter, a pry bar, and a box opener.

The FishFace Multi-Tool from True Utility is the perfect emergency kit since it fits neatly in your pocket without adding heft and bulk. It can even hang loose with your bunch of keys so you always have it on hand when the need arises. This set is also amazingly lightweight given its features at just 0.71 ounces.

Moreover, this keychain multi-tool is compact at 7.01 x 3.07 x 0.47 inches so it does not occupy a lot of space in your bag. Its portable construction is possible because of its construction. This tool uses sleek black titanium-coated stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean. A simple wipe-off is all takes.

Moreover, True Utility’s FishFace Multi-tool comes with a unique design. As its name suggests, it is in the shape of a fish. This adds a unique factor to its rugged appearance. Its small size and versatile features make it the perfect EDC in any outdoor adventure be it camping, fishing, cycling, and more.

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Images courtesy of True Utility