‘Light my Fire’ by The Doors sounds better on this audio-player-with-flames-that-respond-to-your-music. On a second thought, that’s probably false, but you gotta admit the Fireside Audiobox ($350) is still kinda cool.

Brainchild of Oregon-based, one-man studio Grey Street Design, the device pairs your music with flames that dance up and down to the pitch and frequency of the sound waves. The unit is made of bamboo & tempered glass, and features an aluminum cylinder with flame ports, which is hooked-up to a regular, not-included 16.4 oz propane canister (that will give you 8 hours of fire). Connectivity is done via Bluetooth, while a built-in Li-po battery provides more than 8 hours of constant music on one charge. Available in natural bamboo, or dark finish, the handcrafted Fireside Audiobox also doubles as a lighter for your “herbal cigarettes” (That’s what we recon, try at your own risk!) There’s no word on the power output of the speaker itself, but that really doesn’t matter, or does it?…

Fireside Audiobox 5

Fireside Audiobox 2

Fireside Audiobox 3

Fireside Audiobox 4

Fireside Audiobox 7

Fireside Audiobox 1

Fireside Audiobox 8

Fireside Audiobox 9

Fireside Audiobox from Fireside Audiobox on Vimeo.