The metal safe can only do so much in protecting valuables during calamities or unexpected emergencies such as a fire. Flames can still creep through the crevices and next thing we know, the contents are in ashes. Not with the FirePRUF Fireproof Safe Bag, which keeps items intact and safe from flames in a briefcase-like bag.

This bag can withstand 60 minutes of heat at 1000F and at a maximum of 1200F. It’s made of fiberglass core that’s coated with high-grade silicone on both sides and covered with a thick and durable fire-resistant fabric stitched using not just any regular thread but Kevlar thread (yes, the same used in bulletproof shields). The Kevlar thread ensures the bag remains tight at all times so it doesn’t fall apart.

Moreover, all weak spots are reinforced to avoid possible flame entries. This safe bag doesn’t come with a lock unlike metal safe but uses a zipper and Velcro to keep the flames away. The zipper is also reinforced with two layers of fireproof fabric.

The FirePRUF Fireproof Safe Bag looks like an ordinary messenger bag instead of a reinforced safe so it doesn’t give away its contents. It can be transported anywhere using its top carry handle or removable shoulder straps without attracting unwanted attention.

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Photos Courtesy of FirePRUF