'Fire in the Hole' Campfire Soap 2

Gunpowder, campfire, whiskey, bacon, sage, and dirt. The ‘Fire in the Hole’ Campfire Soap ($10) combines all of these smells into one bar, for manly men that want to have a campfire barbecue right in the shower.

Handmade by Outlaw Soaps – a husband & wife team from Oakland, USA (same guys who make the awesome Bacon Soap) – this explosive cleanser will take you back to the good times in the outdoors when you felt exhilarated and high on lakes, big trees, wild animals and seeing the Milky Way from your sleeping bag. It’s also good for you, containing an all-vegan combination of oils of coconut, avocado, castor, and olive, which means your lady friend(s) will love the silky smooth feel of your skin. But most importantly, users say this soap is so damn amazing you’ll “grow a third testicle”, and “after a shower with this bar you’ll want to grill a steak on an open pit BBQ, have a stiff drink, grow a beard, and make ferocious love to a woman. If this soap were any manlier, you’d be Chuck Norris.” We’ll take a dozen.

'Fire in the Hole' Campfire Soap 1