When it comes to choosing your everyday wear, you don’t have to settle for something mediocre when you can get something that is affordable, sustainable, and best of all, looks and feels good. We’re talking about the stylish pieces from FIOBOC, a men’s lifestyle brand that merges style and function with a technical approach. The brand offers stylish and versatile T-shirts that you can wear for just about any occasion be it for leisure or sports.

FIOBOC was born out of a need to “INVEST IN COMFORT AND CONFIDENCE.” It helps address the struggle of finding highly functional and comfortable shirts that do not break the bank. The brand only uses premium quality fabrics and designs shirts that make you feel comfortable in your own skin and boost confidence. After all, looking good helps you feel good.

Moreover, when you wear FIOBOC T-shirts, you are also helping the planet since the materials used including bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton, are crafted with the goal of minimizing carbon footprint by 100%.

FIOBOC also guarantees the durability of its clothing. Their shirts are designed to last for many washes and like those Classic Chucks you have, only get better with age. To achieve this, they cut out the middlemen to put the focus on quality, craftsmanship, and versatility.

So, what better way to kick off the summer break than by stocking up your wardrobe with the brand’s latest designs that are surely going to make you look and feel great even under the sweltering heat. This includes the StayCool T-shirt 2.0 Curve-Hem Tee. We can vouch for the comfort this shirt brings.

StayCool T-shirt 2.0 Curve-Hem Tee

Below you can read our FIOBOC clothing review on the StayCool T-shirt 2.0 Curve-Hem Tee with a Classic Fit. This shirt feels good on the skin from the moment you put it on. It slides down smoothly with its super soft fabric and does not feel warm but cool on the skin.

Paired it with jeans and trainers for lunch out with friends then swapped the jeans for joggers for a quick run and a few weight lifts at the gym. It amazingly stayed as crisp as the moment I put it on. Unlike polyester blend shirts, this one also helped me smell fresh and did not break me up in heaps of sweat. It truly lived up to its name and the fit itself does not restrict your movements. Looking in the mirror, it actually made me look twice and smile. The curved hem also adds a stylish touch to a classic silhouette. I can say that this shirt is definitely performance and leisure wear in one.  

What Makes This A Fully Functional Shirt

The FIOBOC StayCool T-shirt 2.0 utilizes the brand’s exclusive PBS fabric.  It combines three powerful renewable materials that guarantee to keep you looking and smelling fresh. PBS stands for PIMA cotton + Bamboo + Sorona fiber. Pima fabric comes from a specific type of cotton plant called Gossypium barbadense. Clothing made with this fabric can withstand high temperatures and is highly durable. FIOBOC used liquid ammonia-processed PIMA cotton to give this shirt its soft texture, durability, and resistance to wrinkles.

Meanwhile, bamboo fiber gives this shirt its breathability, coolness, and its anti-bacterial properties to keep body odor at bay. Then Sorona fiber makes great outdoor or performance clothing because of its soft, flexible, and stain-resistant properties. It also offers exceptional stretch and recovery even after multiple stretches and washes and resists fading for long-lasting vibrance on colored clothing. The right blend of these natural fibers gives the FIOBOC StayCool T-shirt 2.0 its all-day comfort, coolness, and long-lasting strength.

Versatile Everyday Shirt

The FIOBOC StayCool T-shirt 2.0 adapts to the shape of your body, so you don’t look and feel awkward.  I tried the classic fit and it made me look slimmer somehow. That’s because it’s designed to accentuate the arms and shoulders. It has more room on the shoulders, chest, and waist and has wider arm openings.


It also has a crew neck with triple needle stitching on the seams to keep its shape even after many uses. Likewise, unlike the average tee, FIOBOC uses premium quality fabric that fits better and lasts longer.


From personal experience, this shirt will last me for many uses. I also love that it doesn’t make me feel over or underdressed and that I can easily pair it with just about any clothing. It can easily become your everyday staple wear and one that you can easily pull off whether you’re off to the gym, on a dinner date, or even pair it with a blazer for a semi-corporate look.

The FIOBOC StayCool T-shirt 2.0 Curve Hem in Classic Fit is available in White, Black, Sage Grey, Slate Blue, and Khaki colorways. The StayCool tees also come in a Slim Fit design for those who want to show off their lean physique and are available with a Crew or V-Neck collar in the color variants of White, Black, Khaki, Slate Blue, Pacific Blue, and Sage Grey. Check out the StayCool Collection over at FIOBOC and Get 20% OFF on your purchase with the CODE: mensgear.