Inspiration can sometimes come from the most unlikely of sources. Personal interests can often influence various works. Since we consider those who produce the liquor we love as artists, they also seek something to spark their creativity. In the case of Filmland Spirits, cinema becomes the muse of its three whiskeys.

Who doesn’t love to sip their drinks with a good movie? Although you can’t exactly bring booze inside the theater, we can enjoy films and TV shows at home. Just launch your favorite streaming service and pour a glass or more of these offerings from Filmland Spirits.

It may be difficult to take the silver screen motif seriously, but what matters is the blend inside each bottle. First up is the Ryes of the Robots: Serve the Drinks, Save the World – a small-batch straight rye whiskey. This delivers a spicy nose of cloves and cinnamon, a tongue of mint and pepper, and a finish of oak and chocolates.

Next on the Filmland Spirits playlist is the Moonlight Mayhem!: A Sage of Werewolves & Bourbon. This small-batch straight bourbon whiskey hits you with a nose of citrus and cherry. What follows is caramel and vanilla on the tongue, which finishes it off with toasted oak and toffee.

Lastly, we have the Moonlight Mayhem! Extended Cut: A Sage of Werewolves & Bourbon. This here is a cask-strength straight bourbon whiskey. It may share similarities with the former, but distinct additional characteristics of cacao, leather, and applewood. The whiskeys in Filmland Spirits’ latest collection are all winners at the World Spirits Competition 2022. Don’t miss out!

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Images courtesy of Filmland Spirits