Fiat’s compact city car — the Topolino — has garnered much attention lately for more than just its whimsical characteristics. There was the all-electric doorless Dolcevita and the all-pink 500 Spiaginna by Bonacina. Now the Stellantis-owned subsidiary is paying tribute to Disney’s 100th anniversary with five bespoke Topolino EVs. We think it’s a clever publicity stunt to promote its push for green motoring.

With the majority of automotive marques committed to ending the production of internal combustion engines on or beyond 2030, consumers can look forward to EV versions of their favorite models. Fiat’s poster boy for their eco-friendly initiative appears to be the Topolino. Meaning “little mouse” in English, it is also the Italian name for Mickey Mouse.

Hence, it’s only appropriate for the manufacturer to commission Giorgio Cavazzano — a legendary Italian cartoonist and Disney comics artist — to design one of the five emission-free urban commuters. Meanwhile, the remaining four are assigned to the Fiat Centro Stile team. Each unit sports a distinct exterior artwork that highlights the iconic company mascot.

The entire lineup was unveiled at Pinacoteca Agnelli art gallery’s fourth-floor Casa 500. Reports point out that the event was also to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 95th birthday, which explains the art direction of these one-off Topolinos. Each of the vehicles incorporate retro and contemporary elements based on Disney and its famous cartoon character.

Cavazzano’s canvas showcases images and emblems of Mickey Mouse splashed across the body against a backdrop of yellow, orange and red with stars in a variety of colors. The others flaunt line art, graffiti, and even a Steamboat Willie homage. These Topolino EVs might end up as showpieces only or could be auctioned off in the future depending on Fiat’s decision.

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Images courtesy of Fiat/Disney