While it took Fiat a while to realize the market for camper vans, when they did join in by using their Ducato as a base, they never looked back. In just a few years the Fiat Ducato Camper Vans ($TBA) went from concept vehicle to becoming the most appreciated, sought-after base camper in Europe.

The van is offered in three wheelbases, four lengths, three height options, as well as four Multijet engine sizes so you can more easily fit your dream camper onto a rugged base. The vehicle’s body is square-shaped so there is no lost space wasted on your interior build. Whether you add kitchenettes, convertible sleeping areas, social spaces, or extra passenger seating, the Fiat Ducato (rated best-in-class for its ratio between vehicle length & rear living area) makes it easy to install.

The modular design and customizable combinations of the interior components will assure that your camper van meets your needs while providing a pleasant driving experience.