When architects Jaime Copado & Francisco Sarabia were tasked with creating an airy diaphanous, open house for a client, they could quickly see why. The project sits at the side of the picturesque Cajititlan lagoon with the Sierra San Juan Cosalá mountain range (Mexico) acting as a backdrop.

Placing the F+G Cajititlán Terrace on dual-level concrete surfaces gives it the illusion of floating over the ground. The majority of the social areas are either glass-enclosed floor to ceiling or continue directly into a porch enclosed under the terrace’s roof where the beautiful view is always on display.

Behind this relaxing expanse, a strip of utilitarian opacity, covered with carbonized wood, houses the kitchen and bathrooms. The inner courtyard is defined by four willows while the street is held at bay by the second slim unit that houses storage and utility rooms. With the total lot size just a bit over 400 sq.ft, there is still a lot of space for seizing the day. [via]