Carmakers occasionally offer limited-edition versions of their popular platforms. These machines immediately draw the interest of collectors for their rarity and resale value over time. However, the true gems are one-offs – the pinnacle of exclusivity only the insanely wealthy can afford. If you’re one of them, Ferrari reminds us of its Special Projects program with the SP48 Unica.

This type of service allows clients to practically dictate everything that goes into their machine. As long as the request does not compromise performance and safety, most manufacturers will gladly cater to the buyer’s whims, no matter how crazy it may seem. Fortunately, whoever commissioned the SP48 Unica knows how to keep things classy.

According to the Maranello-based group, overseeing the build was chief design officer, Flavio Manzoni. The template for this custom creation is an F8 Tributo which then receives a series of bespoke visual tweaks. From a powertrain perspective, it retains the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 and seven-speed automatic gearbox.

This unique rear-wheel-drive supercar outputs 710 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. Nevertheless, the outline of the SP48 Unica’s front is noticeably more aggressive. Its headlights flow with the sharp contours of the hood, bumper, and fenders. Below the classic Ferrari badge is a Prancing Horse ornament.

It’s affixed to the bumper in between the reworked split front grille, which flaunts a hexagonal motif. The patterns also appear on the roof, rear, and cabin of the SP48 Unica. It’s cool how the windshield wraps around to meet with the side windows to make it look like a visor. The cockpit also features matte carbon fiber and Grigio Canna di Fucile embellishments. If the opportunity arises, do you guys also have a unique design in mind?

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SP48 Unica Side SP48 Unica Top SP48 Unica Angled Images courtesy of Ferrari