The Aiden Precision Coffee Maker from Fellow Products simplifies the meticulous pour-over process, which normally requires a lot of patience. Manually, you’d have to get the exact water to grounds ratio, the perfect brewing temperature, and a gooseneck kettle to achieve that slow, purposeful pour. Otherwise, you’d end up with a bad drip that has not even immersed the taste of the coffee grounds.

Not with this machine, which only takes a simple press of a button to give you flavorful and aromatic pour-over java. It promises to quickly and at scale, automatically dial in the essential factors concerning pour-over quality coffee. These include achieving to-the-degree temperature control and precise coffee-to-water ratios, and offers a built-in bloom cycle.

The Aiden Precision Coffee Maker features a unique heating architecture allowing it to brew within a single degree and also switch temperatures mid-brew without having to change the water’s flow rate. It doesn’t compromise on quality and delivers consistent taste regardless of how many cups you brew thanks to its basket. It has interchangeable single serve and batch brew baskets, which along with a first-of-its-kind dual shower head, produces even water distribution across all volumes. 

If you want to skip the guesswork, you can choose the Instant Brew Mode and get pour-over quality coffee with a press of a button. But if you want to customize your drinking experience, then the built-in brewing guide lets you choose the brew profile.  Using its companion app, you can pick from light, medium, or dark roasts and adjust settings, including the brew and bloom ratio, the bloom duration and temperature, and even the pulse temperature and the time between pulse.

Likewise, the app lets you schedule the brewing process so you wake up to a fresh cup. Moreover, the Aiden Precision Coffee Maker has a double wall carafe to keep your coffee warm for hours and a sleek and compact silhouette that would look good on your countertop.

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Images courtesy of Fellow Products