The shoes that come from New York city’s Feit shoe brand are made of ‘unfinished’ leather for a reason. According to Feit founder Tull Price, “The more the shoe is exposed to air, light, and sun, the more the leather patinas.” This allows the shoes to wear, break in, and develop a unique look. This same process is being used on their new Runner Shoe. Streamlining their previous Runner model, this new iteration sports a more minimalistic silhouette.

The new Feit Runner ($540) has a seamless one-piece upper made of vegetable-tanned half cordovan leather. The tongue of the shoe is a unified part of the upper and creates a folded ‘paperbag’ effect when laced up. Since the leather is natural and unfinished, it allows the new Runner to breathe and diminishes the possibility that they will retain foot odor.

Unlike shoes that feature cloth uppers, the leather of the Feit Runner will slowly mold to your feet for greater comfort and develop a totally individualized appearance. Just like good wine, this shoe just gets better with age.