When people say fashion career, the first thing they picture might be a well-dressed woman. However, most of the top designers have been men. If you’re a stylish man who has an eye for clothing combos that would look good together, a career in the fashion industry might be right for you.

Getting Your Degree

One of the best ways to get started is by getting a degree in fashion design or in a related field. You could look for schools that have a strong program in this area and start applying. Of course, you may be interested in something besides design, such as publicity or journalism focused on the industry, in which case you would want to get a degree in that area and perhaps a minor in something fashion related. A major concern for many people considering a bachelor’s degree is the cost of tuition as well as books and other living expenses while in school.

You may be eligible for scholarships that can cover the entirety of your costs or a portion of them, and you can search and apply for the online. When you get your bachelor’s degree, there are several elective classes you can take that can help you succeed. Art classes, classes in psychology, business courses, and communication courses are among those that can teach you valuable skills and insights. Another option is attending a school that specifically focuses on fashion design.

Choose a Focus

Being a man who works in this industry doesn’t necessarily mean that you must work in men’s fashion. You might be interested in women’s fashion, or you might be interested in any number of adjacent areas, such as designing costumes for film or theater. Identify the specific area that interests you so that you can start to hone your skills in that direction.

Getting Internships

This is an industry where internships can be particularly valuable. You need to have talent, but beyond that, fashion is very much fueled by networking, and an internship can give you an excellent opportunity to do just that. In addition, it can teach you a great deal about the hands-on skills that you will need. You can get an internship through your school, or you may find one through someone you know. If you aren’t sure whether this is the right career choice for you, an internship can be a great way of determining that.

Passion and Creativity

Because the fashion industry is very competitive and salaries can be low to start with, you need to have a passion for what you’re doing. More akin to acting than accounting, there’s not a straightforward career path to follow, and even the most successful individual is likely to encounter a lot of rejection on the road to success. You’ll need that passion and sheer love for what you’re doing to keep you from throwing in the towel when times get tough.

The other thing that you will need is creativity. You need to genuinely set yourself apart from others. What makes your vision unique? It might take you a little while to find the answer to this question, and it might change over time, but knowing what you have to offer that’s not like what anyone else has can help you sell yourself and catch the attention of others in and out of the industry.

Social Media

There are so many fashion influencers on social media that you could be forgiven for thinking that establishing a brand and promoting yourself there is the road to success. While this does work for some, it can also actually be a dangerous endeavor. Some of those influencers that you see aren’t as successful as they appear to be.

Others may be pouring time into posting and managing their online image that would be better spent working to improve their skills and building relationships. As you get to know more people who are working in the industry, you may be surprised to find that many of them have very low-key social media profiles. If it’s a tool you love using, it can be another way for you to express yourself but don’t confuse a following on a social media platform with having made it in the industry that you love.