If you’re looking for knitted cold-weather wear that’s long-lasting and soft, then look no further than at Faiz T.S.’s Moto Zip Heavyweight Handknit Sweater. It uses 100% virgin wool so it feels amazingly soft on the skin and keeps you cozy too when the temperature drops.

Designed as an outer layer, this sweater looks warm at a glance and more so when worn. The virgin wool is spun into a chunky 5 oz. yarn and then handknitted using intricate knitting techniques first introduced by early North American settlers in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The result is a slightly heavy article that wicks away moisture so it keeps you dry and also insulates to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.  Using 100% virgin wool also makes Faiz T.S.’s Moto Zip Heavyweight Handknit Sweater breathable, hypoallergenic, stretchable, and doesn’t necessarily need ironing.

This jacket comes in a handsome Charcoal Grey colorway and has natural suede and leather pull tabs for a pop of contrasting color. An industrial 10mm wide YKK Zipper for the center closure keeps water at bay while zippered cuffs let you dial in the desired fit. The zippers let you roll up the sleeves and leave the sweater open when it gets too warm for comfort and for a more laid-back look. 

Faiz T.S.’s Moto Zip Heavyweight Handknit Sweater comes with just two standard vent pockets at the waist that also serve as hand warmers. The sleeves and hem also feature an alternating knit style for a tapered-down look.  

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Images courtesy of Faiz T.S.