Among the available smart speakers in the market, Amazon’s Echo lineup continues to be the most popular choice. Looking at the catalog, it seems that the 2018 version of the show offers the most features. It comes with a 10-inch touchscreen alongside a new design with new functions. Its biggest competitors right now are Google, Apple, and Samsung, but it seems like Facebook is eager to join the game with the Facebook Portal and Portal Plus.

You already know that the social network service makes it easier for individuals to get connected. Therefore, that’s exactly what the device is designed and programmed to do. That is to get people to interact easily over the internet. It apparently uses an advanced platform that allows you to make video calls securely.

It’s easy to dismiss it as another product or service that’s the same as other brands, but if you look closely, it features a neat gimmick that enhances the experience. Using a proprietary algorithm and cutting-edge AI, the front-facing camera follows and focuses on the individual who’s currently talking. This, in turn, makes conversations more dynamic and engaging. You can move around doing other stuff while the sensor follows and adjusts automatically throughout the video call.

It recognizes how many people are within the frame and zooms out accordingly to accommodate everyone. The bigger model can even swivel from portrait to landscape orientation. Meanwhile, the smaller model is locked in landscape mode by default. Moreover, the Facebook Portal and Portal Plus are likewise powered by Amazon’s Alexa and can function like any other Echo smart speaker. You can choose between a black or white color finish and both look great anyway.

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Photos courtesy of Facebook