If you don’t mind opulence, this $500,000 luxury armchair by French company Harow may just become your next interior design obsession. The Gold Skull Armchair was handmade in France and the company’s official website aptly describes it as a piece of “artistic furniture built for comfort and world domination”.

24-Karat Gold Skull Armchair, Front View24-Karat Gold Skull Armchair by Harow

Everything about the concept is over the top, which is actually its primary selling point. You don’t see a massive sculptural 24-carat armchair with diamond-like facets and plush black velvet upholstery every day – and that’s exactly the point! The piece was designed to please those who seek exclusivity and never shy away from opulence.

Steel Internal Frame, 24-Karat Gold Skull Armchair Luxury Black Velvet, 24-Karat Gold Skull Armchair