The humble mouse. There are many tweaks to enhance its performance and design. Some we dislike and others we love. However, the EXOvault Mouse is undeniably one of the classiest we’ve ever seen. This wireless Bluetooth pointing device absolutely screams upscale whichever way you look at it.

This premium device touts a precision-machined aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum body combined with a beautiful hardwood palm rest. We can’t help but just stare at awe as this high-end peripheral device that seems like a work of art. Even the scroll wheel and buttons are fashioned from the lightweight but durable metal—its other smaller components are apparently made of stainless steel.

They’ve even added a hint of a vintage vibe with the two mechanical indicators positioned just under the palm rest. The device’s battery level and connection channel are shown by the red needles that look like steampunk-grade instrument clusters.

Performance is vital so the EXOvault Mouse spares no expense with its Omron switches under each button. PixArt sensors are on board to track movement on any surface including glass. The scroll wheel, on the other hand, uses a PixArt optical camera for added precision. Finally, a 500mAh lithium-ion battery lies inside to power this stylish device.


Photos courtesy of EXOvault